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documents history, culture and politics of Latino/a communities in the United States. Through education, community events, workshops, and other activities, LENS provides information and projects about the Puerto Rican and Latino/a experience.

!Palante, Siempre Palante! is a documentary about the history of the Young Lords. Through interviews with former members and archival footage, the dynamic and vibrant story is told. Produced by former member Iris Morales, the award-winning film now available on DVD.

At a crossroads in US history, the Young Lords fought for human rights of Puerto Ricans and other oppressed people. Known for bold actions and dramatic protests, they brought attention to the dire conditions that people were living in the 1960s and 70s paving the way for progressivel changes. View clip.

Today more Puerto Ricans live in the United States than in Puerto Rico - the struggle continues. Learn about present-day politics, history, and arts at, a multimedia site devoted to the Puerto Rican Diaspora. The site includes contemporary issues and events, video clips, and connections across geographic and generational lines.

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