First Program
October 1969

Revised & Corrected Program
May 1970



The New York Young Lords outlined their beliefs in a 13-point Program and Platform written in October 1969.  It was the ideological foundation and guided the organization's programs and actions. 

All members adhered to the 13 point program. However, the women of the organization challenged Point #10 that said, "Machismo must be revolutionary and not oppressive." They believed that it was contradictory to say that machismo could be revolutionary. They asked, "Can racism be revolutionary and not oppressive?" No, because both machismo and racism are reactionary and oppressive ideologies.  As a result, the program was revised and corrected in May 1970. It was changed to say, "We want equality for women. Down with machismo and male chauvanism," and it became Point #5. This point was the only one that the Young Lords ever changed.